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Customizable, multi-network messenger client

Meca Messenger is a helpful, free Windows software, that belongs to the category Communication software with subcategory Instant Messaging (more specifically Multiple Network Clients).

More about Meca Messenger

About the download, Meca Messenger is a slick software that needs less free space than the average program in the section Communication software. It's a very popular software in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia.

Since we added this software to our catalog in 2000, it has already achieved 30,240 installations, and last week it had 99 installations.

It's available for users with the operating system Windows 95 and former versions, and it is available in English. The current version of the software is and its last update was on 9/6/2006.

Are you tired of switching back and forth between all of your buddy lists? Use MECA to connect to all of your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo! and ICQ from just one list! MECA is the only interoperable instant messenger software with exclusive IM skins, offline messages and translation.

Top features:


InterOp, or Interoperability, allows our members to communicate with the other popular instant messaging programs, AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, and ICQ. With InterOp, you can now access your other messenger accounts and consolidate all your Buddie Lists™ into one simple messenger interface. One download, one Buddie List™ - MECA is the only messenger you'll ever need to message with your friends and family.

MECA Translator

Don’t let the language barrier stop you from making new friends in your own backyard or around the globe. With the Translator you can meet and message with friends from all over the world. As you type, the messenger does the work, translating each message in real-time. For information on how to use the Translator, please see our Translations page or check out the FAQ.


Keep on top of your messaging, email, mobile messages and more. MECA-lert! will notify you when you have incoming messages on any messenger, email or mobile carrier. Never miss an important communication again!

Offline Messages

Tired of missing important messages when you are away from your computer? Our Offline Messages feature allows you to see who tried to message you while you were offline and what they said.


SkinSharing allows your skin to be seen by the MECA Buddies™ you message and allows you to see their skins in return. You can also share your skin with all your InterOp Buddies by clicking the SkinShare button on your Message Window. That way all your Buddies can get a taste of your messaging experience.


The SkinFader allows you to select the amount of transparency (see through amount) of the text and conversation areas of your Message Window, so you can see more of your skin. You can show all of your skin, none of your skin, or anything in between.

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    hopefully this bug will be fixed soon..
    Can't download .keeps being unsuccessful. Had it on my computer years ago now trying for More

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